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The Unscripted Musings of My Soul
Sunday, December 09, 2001  
Second posting in my blog. Captains log, stardate 12-9-01. I went to church this morning, as is my custom (a.k.a. Daniel), however, I went to the 9:15 service before going to SALT. I went because I missed the Sat. night service last night due to watching the KY Wildcats game until 6:00. The service today was good. Bob talked about joy versus disillusionment at Christmas. He talked about how we all have disappointment in our lives and this disappointment tends to come out a lot at Christmastime. I have so much disappointment regarding Ruth and who she turned out to be. Still, the idea is to have joy in my life in spite of the disappointment and the bad circumstances. Got to go right now. Will post more later...
1:29 PM

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